Predictions & Debate

I have spent the last few months of my life working on a mathematical formula to try and predict the final scores of NFL and NCAA Football games.  Each week I am going to post my predictions under the respective menu tabs.  What I would like each of you to do is look at the predictions and respond with a comment or an entire new post explaining why you agree or disagree with particular games.

I am going to update the weekly tally of wins, losses, and win percentage so we can all track.  This is year one so bear with me as I learn, win or lose, and tweak my formula to ultimately become the greatest football prognosticator of ALL TIME!!!  or just have fun with something I love.

Thanks for being a part of my experiment.  I hope this entertains you as much as it has me the past year.  Any and all comments and interactions are appreciated.  Thank you.


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