NCAAF Week 1 Recap

Holy cow, what a start to the year!!  We had a little bit of everything from overrated teams from the state of Florida to turnover towels!  How did your team fare?

In the marquee games of the weekend, the Elldee Sports formula rocked an impressive 5-1 record vs the spread and a 3-3 record regarding over/under totals.  I guess I know where I still need some adjustments.  Overall, We went 8-5 in both categories for a respectable 61.5% win rate.  I know, I know, it’s only been one week but there is room for optimism.

Team of the week has to go to Virginia Tech for going on the road, on a Holiday, as the only game of the night for a national audience, against a top 20 squad, with a new coach who has been hyped for his offensive prowess, and winning 24-3 vs FSU!  Congratulations on the impressive win VT!!

cropped-cropped-elldee-logo.png     Elldee Sports

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