NFL Week 2 Recap

Here we are again.  Week 2 is complete after an exciting Monday Night Football match.  Who is up, who is down, and what in the world are the Buccaneers going to do with their quarterback situation?

My oh my do the Kansas City Chiefs look impressive offensively.  I understand that they haven’t exactly played the ’02 Bucs but they have put up 38 and 42, respectively, vs the Chargers and Steelers.  Another team that looked impressive are the Jacksonville Jaguars who beat the New England Patriots, to the delight of 31 other NFL teams and their fans.  In fact all three teams from the State of Florida are, surprisingly, 2-0.

On the flip side, should the Buffalo Bills just cancel their season now or let this ugliness play out.  Not only have they been destroyed during the first two weeks of the season but their starting CB decided it was appropriate to retire at halftime of this week’s game.  Honestly, I’m cool with it.  If your heart is not in it anymore then do what’s best for you.  How about the Browns?  They actually look like a respectable team but it simply appears that are snake-bitten.  That is the only explanation I have for the ridiculousness in how they have managed to not win.

So the formula did not do quite as well this week against the spread but did a complete 180° vs the over/under.  I am still using last year’s stats until after week 4 so there are teams that are not accurate but it will all be sorted as the year goes on.  Either way, my overall record vs the spread is a respectable 54.8% and against the o/u has climbed from 25% to 43.8%.  Not bad for using outdated stats.  I will keep pressing until I reach 60% minimum.

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