NCAA Week 5 Recap

I can’t believe Week 5 has already ended.  The inter-conference matchups and cupcake games are getting smaller in the rearview mirror.  It is time for the trudge of the conference season.  Who will seperate themselves from the pack?

There were two matches between top 10 schools this week, Ohio St-Penn St and Stanford-ND.  In Happy Valley, the hometown Nittany Lions couldn’t hang on to a 12-point 4th quarter lead and fell to the OSU Buckeyes 27-26.  The home team in South Bend didnt have that problem as Notre Dame blew open the game during the second half to win 38-17.

The Clemson Tigers came in as the #3 team this week but have had a bit of contraversy with the QB, as their long-time starter was replaced with a true freshman.  This almost cost them as the freshman was injured and the senior already decided to transfer.  This would have spelled disaster if not for the defense and running game stepping up to inspire a 27-23 win vs Syracuse.

Another week and another horrible set of predictions versus the spread as the formula went 7-18.  Equally as common, the formula was solid when predicting the over/under, finishing with a 56% accuracy rating.  The Elldee Sports Team of the Week moniker belongs to the Oregon Ducks as they went into Berkeley, California and demolished a ranked Cal team 42-24!  If the playoffs started next week, it should be Alabama, Ohio State, LSU, and Notre Dame.  Clemson looks shaky and has QB problems.  Oklahoma looks awesome against weak defenses but have yet to prove themselves against a living, breathing defense with a pulse.  Georgia struggled at home vs a train wreck Tennessee team.  Anything can happen next week though!


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