NCAA Week 6 Recap

What a wacky week!!  Three more undefeateds have fallen.  Oklahoma, LSU, and Kentucky all went on the road and all lost to lower ranked opponents.  This is what makes college ball so much fun.  Each week is an audition for these young men to be picked up by the League!  Bring your “A” game and manage your emotions if you want to win.

Oklahoma traveled to Dallas for a neutral site rivalry game and this time their high powered offense couldn’t make up for a sub-par defense.  Oklahoma used to be known for a top-tier defense and used that defense for their 21st Century resurgence.  It looks like Oklahoma may want to get back to their roots if they hope to compete for championships in the near future.

Oklahoma wasn’t the only team to struggle.  LSU went to the swamp and fell into the same traps that they have experienced the past few seasons, Great defense and weak offense.  Kentucky dropped a winnable game on the road to Texas A&M after getting too cute and failing to use their workhorse Benny Snell Jr. enough.  The heisman darkhorse did not even get a carry in Overtime?!  Alabama rolled again, as did Georgia and Clemson.

I want to reiterate that the formula is still in a Beta-test mode.  But it has seemed to settle in around 40% accuracy against the spread and 50% when predicting the total.  I also want to point out that, for transparency, I have put every game on here for all to see while most experts will not do that, choosing to only share picks that they like.  There is a human element to picking games as some things cannot be understood by a simple computer formula.

The Elldee Sports team of the week has to be Texas.  They have gone from an also-ran after losing to Maryland to the pinnacle of beating Oklahoma in the Red River Rivalry, 48-45.  Congratulations Longhorns.  The power is shifting in regards to the playoffs.  If the playoffs started today, the top 4 teams would be Alabama, Notre Dame, Georgia, and Clemson.  Ohio State hasn’t impressed much recently and we are a world of “what have you done for me lately”!

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