NFL Week 5 Recap

What a bad week for the NFC East.  So much for them being a power division.  It looks like the NFC south is where the real power resides.  This week was one of those times that can show you how unpredictable sports can be.

Congratulations to Drew Brees on becoming the most prolific passer of all time.  He broke Peyton Manning’s record against the Washington Redskins in a huge victory on Monday Night Football.  The Houston Texans made their claim as “Texas’ Team” by defeating the Dallas cowboys in Overtime.

Can you win the Conference and lose 30-14 against the top team?  The  Jacksonville Jaguars are hoping so after the drubbing they took from the Kansas City Chiefs.  Luckily, it’s less than a third of the season in so there is time to right the ship and figure out that offense.  The hapless NFC East has each team with at least two losses and things aren’t looking to turn around for any of them in the short term.

This week my formula took a beating with the worst predictions of the young season.  This goes to show you that not everything can be decided on paper with stats.  Even the power teams struggled vs inferior competition.  One thing to remember is that these guys are all pros, they all were college studs, and with the right gameplan and chemistry any team could win the super bowl..  well, except the Browns.

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