NCAAF Week 9 Recap

In a week where four of the top 10 did not play, there was still plenty of drama to go around.  Some top teams answered critics and created a little seperation from divisional rivals.  Others fell and proved they are not quite on the level they need to be.

The Big Ten West is a mess!  A 5-3 Northwestern team is leading the pack currently and is 5-1 in the conference after beating the Wisconsin Badgers and their 2nd string quarterback.  Iowa, Purdue, and the previously mentioned Badger team are all hot on their heels but each lost golden opportunities to take control of the division this weekend.  A three loss team from the West is not going to help the East’s arguement to reach the playoffs from the Big Ten Championship game.

Both Texas and Florida had a chance this weekend to prove they are back in championship contention.  Both teams were able to show bright spots but ultimately lost.  Although each team is headed in the right direction, they still need a year or two until they are ready for primetime.

So how did the formula do this weekend, you ask?  Well it went 50% vs the spread and was 64% correct on point totals.  Those numbers are progressively going up each week.  The Best Bets this week went 3-1 which brings my 3 week total to 8-4, a 66% winning proposition!  The Elldee Sports Team of the Week has got to be the Washington State Cougars!  They went on the road to Stanford and fought for a tough road victory, remaining as the final PAC 12 team with playoff hopes.  If the playoffs started today the teams would be Alabama, Clemson, Notre Dame, and LSU.  Oklahoma, Michigan, and Georgia are just out but all teams will have an opportunity to play their way in during the coming weeks.

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