NFL Week 9 Predictions

Same as my NCAAF predictions, I am tweaking the formula so I have not put the full list of games this week.  On a bright note, though, I will be putting up the Elldee Sports Best Bets to keep my followers happy.  There are four matchups that will land you on the winning side of Vegas.

Tampa Bay @ Carolina (-6.5)

Atlanta @ Washington (-1.5)

Houston @ Denver (-1)

LA Chargers (+2) @ Seattle

The Buccaneers are rolling Fitzpatrick back out.  Carolina’s defense is not the team you want to play when there is a quarterback contraversy.  Panthers take this one at home.

Atlanta is a team that is hard to figure out.  They have the talent and you should never sleep on them but they can’t seem to put it all together.  Washington is led by a couple of saavy veterans and should squeak one out at home.

Houston is humming and playing impressively.  Denver is up and down.  There is just something magical about that cold mountain air, particularly if you aren’t used to playing there.

LA Chargers have been a quietly powerful team.  Seattle is tough and the 12th man makes it near impossible to hear there.  Phillip Rivers is too experienced and talented to get rattled, though.  Chalk up another win for the Chargers.

There you have it.  The top picks for the week.  Have faith and you will be rewarded.  Until next week, good luck.

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