NCAAF Week 12 Predictions

Back at it for another swing!  The Elldee Sports Best Bets are undefeated for college picks over the last 2 weeks.  Let’s keep this money train rolling!  We have five games this week.

Utah (-7) @ Colorado

Missouri (-6) @ Tennessee

West Virginia (-4.5) @ Oklahoma State

Boston College (-1.5) @ Florida State

Arizona @ Washington State (-9.5)

Utah has been playing lights out for most of the season and look to continue the trend.  They had a slight hiccup in Tempe but corrected the ship last week.  Colorado, on the other hand, started off on fire and have stumbled.  Their all-star WR Shenault got injured earlier this season and even after coming back, the Buffaloes just haven’t been the same.

Missouri will be a dangerous team as long as Drew Lock is slinging the ball around.  The Tigers are tough and if you aren’t prepared they will shock you, just ask Florida!  Tennessee hss definitely made strides this season and are on the turnaround but the odds makers are giving them a little too much credit for a win over a floundering Kentucky team.  Kentucky was exposed and now teams know how to stop them.  While it was a win over a ranked team, the Vols shouldn’t be overstating what it meant for this season.

West Virginia heads to Stillwater to continue their quest to make the playoffs.  Will Grier and David Sills are really clicking and the loss a few weeks back enabled them to focus on football again, not being undefeated.  Oklahoma State has little to play for outside of ruining other people’s year.  They may give their all in an attempt to make a bowl game but after last week’s emotional loss, they will be out of gas by half and the Mountaineers will run away with it.

How is it possible that a 6-3 BC team that held Clemson to 27 points last week be only a point and a half favorite over a 3-6 FSU team in the middle of its worst season in 35 years?  Your guess is as good as mine.  Take BC for the easy win.

Arizona has started to look better the past few weeks but Washington State is kicking butt and having fun.  The Cougars have something special going on in Pullman so don’t expect the Wildcats to come into the state of washington and beat the fighting mustaches!

Count ’em, that’s five wins for this week in college football.  Take it to the bank as Elldee Sports is looking to rock a 3rd straight week of college picks without losing!  Good luck, guys!

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