NCAAF Week 13 Recap

It finally appears as if the playoff picture is becoming clear.  Who is in amd who is out?  We are still not sure the exact participants as each time we almost have a handle on it, the college football world throws us a curveball.

Man, oh man, I did not envision the Ohio State Buckeyes dismantling the Michigan Wolverines like they did.  I am slightly surprised they even won considering the recent turn of events in the Big 10 but to score 62 points on one of the top defenses in the nation was unbelievable.  Alabama had no trouble dispatching it’s arch rivals, the Auburn Tigers, by 31.  Clemson rolled to a 21 point win but uncharacteristically gave up a ton of points to a never-say-die South Carolina Gamecock team.  Notre Dame struggled early but eventually righted the ship and defeated the USC Trojans by 7.

So that covers three of the likely playoff contenders but who will take the spot left vacant by the Michigan Wolverines?  There are really only three options, the Oklahoma Sooners, the Ohio State Buckeyes, or the UCF Golden Knights.  Oklahoma has a historically good offense but no defense.  Ohio State has a strong offense, average at best defense, but boasts wins over Michigan and Penn State.  UCF, the underdog favorite who has gone undefeated for almost 2 years straight now but lost their superstar quarterback to a gruesome leg injury that will sideline him for the rest of his college career.  Who should go?  Only the playoff committee can decide that.

I knew it was too good to be true.  Basing my best bets off of the formula and the good old fashioned eye test was bound to falter at some point.  Elldee Sports was rocking a 75% win percentage, winning at a clip of 3 out of every 4!  This week was quite different as the formula accounts only for numbers and cannot adjust for rivalry week emotions, that was simply an error in my own judgement.  By going 0-4 this week, my win percentage tumbled to 64.3% which is still very respectable.  The Elldee Sports Team of the Week is the Texas A&M Aggies, as they outlasted the LSU Tigers 74-72 in the longest and highest scoring game in FBS history.  If the playoffs started today, the teams should be Alabama, Clemson, Notre Dame, and Oklahoma.  Until next week, good luck.

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