NFL Week 17 Predictions

Here we are, Week 17, the final week of the regular season.  About half of the teams in the National Football League have a chance to make the playoffs, the other half are playing for pride and their teammates.  That means this week will, more than likely, have some head scratching results.  This week The Elldee Sports Best Bets will include four games anyways!

Dallas @ NY Giants (-6)

Jacksonville @ Houston (-6.5)

Chicago @ Minnesota (-4.5)

Philadelphia (-6.5) @ Washington

Dallas is a better team than the New York Giants this season but they have absolutely nothing to play for.  The Cowboys are one of the few teams with a guaranteed playoff spot but no chance of moving up or down from the 4-seed.  The Giants on the other hand can at least claim a moral victory and feel good heading into the offseason.

Houston is locked in to the playoffs as well but are in danger of droppong from the 4th spot to the 6th with a loss.  That means this matchup is the difference between a first round home game or an away game.  The Texans even have an outside shot at a first round bye!  Expect them to come out and control the game against the offensively challenged Jaguars.

Chicago is a good team but so are the Vikings.  A big Week 17 game in Minneapolis is exactly what the Vikes need to make the playoffs.  Top that with the fact that the likelihood of Chicago jumping the Rams for the 2-seed is small, so they won’t come out with much energy.

Philadelphia needs a win and a Vikings loss to make the playoffs.  I would count on Philadelphia to throw the kitchen sink at the banged up Redskins to at least give themselves a chance.

There you have it.  The final full week of predictions for this regular season.  I hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as I have enjoyed writing it.  Good luck!

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