NCAA Football: Who Can Match Their Vegas Win Total?

Vegas has released their numbers for win total over/unders.  By running the numbers through the Elldee Sports Formula, I was able to determine some of the largest discrepancies.  This is always a fun exercise in the doldrums of summer between football and basketball seasons.  Below are a list of top looks:

Syracuse:  O/U 5 — Total wins 10

Virginia Tech:  O/U 8.5 — Total wins 6

Miami:  O/U 8.5 — Total wins 11

Texas:  O/U 9.5 — Total wins 9

Washington State:  O/U 8.5 — Total wins 12

South Carolina:  O/U 6 — Total wins 3

Of course, these are just a few teams of interest.  I am very shocked at the number of 5 for Syracuse when I predict 10.  Additionally, the numbers show a very impressive year for Washington State with a potential run to the playoffs!  Are there any thoughts on these numbers?  How about other teams?  If there are any particular teams you would like me to run the numbers for, please let me know in the comments and I will run their schedules.  Thanks for the read.

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