2022 NCAA Football Playoff Prediction

Now that Elldee Sports has posted our 2022 NFL Playoff Prediction, the logical next step is to identify the 2022 NCAA Football Playoff teams. This year’s championship will be in Indianapolis with the semi-finals in the Cotton and Orange Bowls, respectively. Based on the mathematical formula we have created, it appears that the four playoff teams will be made up of the usual suspects.

If these are not one of your favorite teams, don’t fret! College football is always full of twists and turns. In fact, there is a dark horse team coming out of the Pac-12 this year. If not for preseason rankings, this team would have a shot a reaching the playoffs for the first time ever. Be on the lookout for UCLA to come out and provide some fireworks while making a playoff push by the end of the year!

Published by Lucas Delk

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2 thoughts on “2022 NCAA Football Playoff Prediction

  1. I agree with your sentiment! I would like to see something different for two reasons. 1) None of these are my teams and 2) I think it would be good for college football as a whole to get some fresh blood. In 7 years of the 4-team college football playoff, only 11 different teams have made the cut. Still, as I have promised, this is an unbiased prediction based solely on a mathematical algorithm. Luckily, sports don’t always follow averages over the short-term.


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