2021 AFC West Prediction

So what can be said about the AFC West that even the casual NFL fan doesn’t already know? The division is home to the back-to-back reigning AFC Champions in the Kansas City Chiefs. Will things change this season? According to the Elldee Sports mathematically-based predictions, the answer to that question is no. Expect the Chiefs to comfortably win the division with a 14-3 record. They will be followed by the LA Chargers at 12-5. In third place will be the silver and black of Las Vegas as the raiders will finish the season at 9-8. Lastly, the Denver Broncos will struggle to gain footing and stumble to a 5-12 record with zero divisional wins.

There should be no surprise that KC is the team to beat in the AFC West. They have won the division for five-years running now and are loaded offensively. They claim the top offense in the NFL and have possibly the best young-star of the NFL in quarterback Patrick Mahomes. The Chargers have a respectable team but they are just not on the same level as the Chiefs. LA has a top-10 offense and defense and will provide stiff competition for most teams that they play as they sneak into the playoffs in a wildcard position.

Las Vegas Raider fans have a lot to look forward to. They have gotten better each year under head coach Jon Gruden. The largest problem is that, true to Gruden’s style, the offense has to carry too much of the load as the defense is near the bottom of the NFL. On the flip side, they could always be worse. To see this, you only have to look East towards Denver, Colorado. The Broncos have struggled mightily since Peyton Manning’s retirement. They have been mired in mediocrity and that doesn’t look to change anytime soon as they are struggling to create excitement with draft picks or free agency.

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