2021 NFC East Prediction

How the mighty have fallen. Not so long ago, this division was one of the most feared in the NFL but rulers rarely rule for long. This may be the season that one of the teams can escape the doldrums and make some noise after a very rocky season for the entire division last year. The predictions are calling for the Dallas Cowboys to return to the top at 9-8. In second is expected to be the Philadelphia Eagles but only with a 6-11 record, slightly better than last year. The Washington Football Team follows up last year’s division championship with a 4-13 record. Finally, the New York Giants will have the leagues worst record at 1-16.

The Cowboys look to regain the division title for a division leading 24th time but for the first time since 2018. They will be helped immensely by the return of Dak Prescott and support of Ezekiel Elliot and Amari Cooper. The Philadelphia Eagles are coming off of their second worst season in 23 years. With locker room problem Carson Wentz off the team, expect the Eagles to play better but without the weapons they once had, the offense will still likely struggle.

The Washington Football Team will take a sharp decline in overall record but this is only due to the quality of competition they will face. The team itself is comparable to last year with a strong defense, led by an all-world defensive line, that the coaching staff will lean upon. Gaining quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick was an odd move that doesn’t spark confidence moving forward at the position. The Giants are hoping something clicks for Daniel Jones as he has failed to find consistency and even regressed in overall touchdown passes from his rookie year to sophomore season. The expectation is that with a healthy Saquon Barkley in the backfield, defenses will be forced to respect the run game and open up the passing attack. I tend to agree with this line of thinking but the numbers are the numbers and the formula has spoken.

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