2021 AFC East Prediction

After 11 years of New England Domination in the AFC East, the Buffalo Bills were finally able to dethrone the long-time champs. For years, this division has had one dominant team and 3 mediocre to poor teams and the predictions are calling for the same, again. The difference this time is that the Buffalo Bills will be the dominant team. The Elldee Sports formula is calling for the Bills to win the division with a 15-2 regular season record. They will be followed 6-games behind by the Miami Dolphins, finishing at 9-8. New England has really fallen and looks to finish in 3rd at 5-12. In the basement, once again, are the New York Jets at 1-16.

Buffalo is following a proven path to success with a strong offense and a serviceable defense. This is the same formula that the Kansas City Chiefs have followed for the last 2 years in their Super Bowl runs. In fact, KC is the team that knocked them out of the playoffs last year. This is the year that they overcome the hump and get past the Chiefs. Miami, on the other hand is doing their best to turn things around. They drafted Tua Tagovailoa last year and have continued to increase the talent around him. They may be a sneaky good team this year.

Oh how the mighty have fallen! The New England Patriots have lost their mojo. They are no longer feared and the Cam Newton experiment has been a failure so far but if anyone can turn this squad around, it is all-world coach Bill Belichick. The quickest way back to relevance is for him to go back to basics and focus on defense. There is not much to say about the NY Jets. They cannot seem to get out of their own way and the general management has really underperformed in talent evaluation in recent years. It’s possible that Zach Wilson can make a liar out of me but I just don’t see it happening this year and neither does the Elldee Sports Formula. The beauty of football, though, is that everyone starts the year at 0-0. The problem is the formula only calls for the Jets to win one more after that start.

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