2021 AFC South Prediction

The odd thing about the AFC South is that calling the best team in the division a team from the “south” is questionable. This division is all about one power team and three weak teams. The age-old question in a group like this is whether the power team is actually good or the record is propped up by getting to play the other three teams twice a year. In this case, I believe that Indianapolis is a good team. The Indianapolis Colts are projected to win the division with a 14-3 record by the Elldee Sports Formula. The Tennessee Titans are in a distant second at 9-8, just missing the playoffs. The dysfunctional Houston Texans are projected third with a 3-14 record. In last, again, are the Jacksonville Jaguars at 1-16.

The Indianapolis Colts have had a revolving door at the quarterback position in recent years and I can’t say that I believe an often injured Carson Wentz is going to bring stability to the position. Luckily for the Colts, the team is bolstered by a balanced offense and strong defense that includes last season’s #2 rush defense, allowing only 90.5 yards per contest. Tennessee on the other hand had the league’s #2 rushing offense. The issue with the titans was not their rushing attack but rather the complimenting pieces. The passing attack was poor at best and the defense was one of the worst in the league. It appears that the Titan GM recognized this and went hard after some help in this year’s draft class. The real question is how long it will take for these players to make an impact.

Houston has gotten itself into a deep hole as they have lost the playmaking ability of Deshaun Watson. He was the only thing the franchise really had left to keep them afloat. Off the field allegations and on the field dysfunction has driven a wedge between management and their lone remaining star. I expect him to be gone soon and the Texans in full rebuild mode. Speaking of rebuild mode, it seems as if the Jacksonville Jaguars have been in it for 10 years. I know that is not entirely true but they have had a serious rough patch. This times things may be different, though. The owners and general managers have gone all in with a great college coach in Urban Meyer, of course the college to NFL switch rarely works. Even if he isn’t the coach that they hope he is, they have started building a solid foundational core with #1 overall draft pick Trevor Lawrence, his Clemson partner-in-crime Travis Etienne, and are even sprinkling in Tim Tebow at Tight End for the headlines. Only time will tell if the new circus in town will work.

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