NFL Week 1 Predictions

Week one of the NFL will be quickly upon us. That includes some intriguing matchups such as the Dallas Cowboys at Tampa Bay Buccaneers. America’s Team vs. the Defending Super Bowl Champions. Also, Green Bay at New Orleans. The matchup of a team replacing a future Hall of Fame Quarterback against a team with a HOF Quarterback that doesn’t want to be there!

The initial week is always a tough week for predictions as there is very little data to analyze. Every year, there are teams that go from last to first in any given division. These moves make projections very difficult at the beginning of a season. Of course, no predictions are 100% accurate and 65% accuracy is considered pretty stellar when predicting the future. 100% is the goal, 65% is acceptable.

Some of the highlights that can be counted on per the Elldee Sports Projection Formula are the NY Jets at Carolina Panthers, Minnesota at Cincinnati, and San Francisco at Detroit. The biggest win, percentage-wise, is Carolina (-4) at NYJ. The Jets are a dumpster fire and just cannot seem to get it right. Take the Panthers at home to easily cover. Minnesota and San Francisco will both feast on perennial bottom feeders. Due to playing on the road, the spreads are lower than they should be, especially during Week 1 where teams are not road weary. Expect both of these teams to win outright by double-digits.

As always, these predictions are for entertainment purposes. If a decision is made to use them for gambling purposes, that is entirely out of our control. The staff at Elldee Sports enjoys trying to predict winners and spark sports-related conversation. Predictions of the complete NFL Week 1 schedule can be found under the NFL Tab at Until next time, best of luck.

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