NCAAF Week 1 Predictions

We have finally made it! The first full day of College Football has finally arrived. As always, the wait has felt like an eternity but also like the National Championship was just yesterday. Even though there has only been a few matchups prior to the Saturday Gameday, we have already seen our first major upset of the NCAAF season. That is what makes college ball so great…the unpredictability of it all.

North Carolina, the preseason #10, fell on the road at Lane Stadium to the Virginia Tech Hokies. Enter Sandman played as the Hokies entered the stadium and on cue, the VT defense put Sam Howell’s Heisman Trophy hopes to sleep. On top of that, Charlotte upset Duke and Michigan State upset Northwestern, just as predicted by the Elldee Sports Formula. As a whole, the formula has had mixed results. On predictions with percentages of 65% or better, the formula has gone 86% on the moneyline, 60% on the spread, and 50% on over/unders.

What does today’s slate look like? Week 1 of 2021 has quite a few top matchups including an early matchup between Penn St @ Wisconsin, which should be exciting for fans. Mid-day follows that with Alabama vs. Miami in Atlanta and Indiana @ Iowa in two matchups between ranked teams. In the late game slot, the game of the day will be between Georgia and Clemson which takes place in Charlotte for a potential championship-game preview. Don’t worry, there will also be plenty of sneaky good games to switch to during commercials like Louisiana @ Texas and Western Michigan @ Michigan in the Big House.

Sit back and enjoy the festivities. For a list of predictions for all of today’s matchups, go to the NCAAF Tab at Elldee Sports. You can also reach the predictions by going to Until next time, best of luck.

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