2021 AFC West Prediction

So what can be said about the AFC West that even the casual NFL fan doesn’t already know? The division is home to the back-to-back reigning AFC Champions in the Kansas City Chiefs. Will things change this season? According to the Elldee Sports mathematically-based predictions, the answer to that question is no. Expect the ChiefsContinue reading “2021 AFC West Prediction”

AFC East: With Brady Gone, is a New Sheriff in Town?

     With Tom Brady out of the picture, will this be the year that one of the other teams in the AFC East finally break the stranglehold that the New England Patriots have had on the division? That’s an interesting question but with the caliber of the teams in this division, it doesn’t lookContinue reading “AFC East: With Brady Gone, is a New Sheriff in Town?”

AFC South: Will Tennessee Build on Last Season’s Success?

     After an up-and-down 2019 regular season, the Tennessee Titans closed it out with a miraculous run ending in the AFC Championship game.  Did that run make them even more hungry for this season?  The AFC South consists of the already mentioned Tennessee Titans, the Houston Texans, the Indianapolis Colts, and the Jacksonville Jaguars. Continue reading “AFC South: Will Tennessee Build on Last Season’s Success?”

AFC West: Can Anyone Challenge KC?

     Who is afraid of the big bad wolf?  In the AFC West, that wolf is the Kansas City Chiefs.  The division consists of the reigning NFL Champion Kansas City squad, the Denver Broncos, Los Angeles Chargers, and the Las Vegas Raiders.  Have any of the three competitors gathered enough firepower to take theContinue reading “AFC West: Can Anyone Challenge KC?”

2021 NFL Playoff Prediction

This year has been unkind to sports.  Well, actually, this year has been unkind to a lot of things.  Luckily, the major sports leagues are attempting to find work arounds to bring back our beloved games.  Europe has already shown that it can work as the Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, and La Liga haveContinue reading “2021 NFL Playoff Prediction”

Updated NFL Playoff Prediction

     The regular season of the National Football League has drawn to a close.  The Elldee Sports Formula has gone through a few tweaks but ultimately finished the regular season with a respectable 54.6% win percentage. Now that the Playoff field has been set, a new playoff bracket has been generated and is nowContinue reading “Updated NFL Playoff Prediction”

Turkey Day Blowout

Thanksgiving is a time for reflection.  A time for showing appreciation for things you are grateful for.  A time for FOOTBALL!  This year’s slate is anchored by the usual suspects, the Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys.  These Thanksgiving main-stays are joined by their opponents, the Chicago Bears and Buffalo Bills plus a third gameContinue reading “Turkey Day Blowout”