In a Slow NBA Day, Denver-LA Clips Have Value

After a day with 12 games, Sunday’s NBA slate seems pretty light.  There are only three games today and all three have a 9-point spread.  Generally, that is a recipe for sluggish games for a sluggish day and I have to agree.  The spreads are all pretty spot on with no real value for either team.  That’s where the Over/Under comes in to save the day.

LA Clippers @ Denver Under 232.5

Out of the three games, that is the only number that looks decent.  All of the favored teams should roll and the teams should all flirt with the cover but the formula calls for nothing definitive.

Elldee Sports may be on to something special here after going 5-1 yesterday….or it could be dumb luck, as it was only my second attempt at basketball.  Either way, I have a 70% total win percentage to show and I’m going to go with that it’s something special.  Thanks for following.

NBA Yearly Total 8-3

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In Today’s NBA, Totals are where it’s at!

My first night of dipping my toes in the NBA waters netted me a 2-2 record.  Not bad, not great.  With such a small sample size I expected as much but that leaves plenty of room for improvement.  Today’s games, February 23rd, should show a marked increase for the Elldee Sports NBA excursion.

Detroit @ Miami -3.5 & Over 205.5

Phoenix @ Atlanta -2.5

Memphis @ Cleveland Over 202.5

Boston @ Chicago Over 221

Sacramento @ Oklahoma City Under 239.5

Only time will tell on how well the formula does.  As Billy Joel says, “Hey, hey, hey, I’m keeping the faith”

NBA Yearly Total 7-3

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NBA First Rodeo

The time has come for an exciting new chapter in Elldee Sports history.  Tonight we are making our inaugural NBA game predictions.  I will keep a running tally of wins and losses at the bottom of each post.  Here goes nothing!

Washington @ Charlotte Over 230

Chicago @ Orlando (-8)

San Antonio @ Toronto Under 227.5

LA Clippers @ Memphis Over 217

There you have it.  The four games that the new basketball algorithm calls to have over a 70% chance of coming to fruition.  Once again, I am asking you to take this with a grain of salt as it is currently in the Beta testing phase.  On a positive note, I think we have the potential to forecast at a very high clip.  Sit back and enjoy the show!

NBA Yearly Total 2-2

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NBA Free Throw

A gambler cannot place all of their chips on one number, let the roulette wheel spin, and expect to beat the house consistently.  Following that thought process, Elldee Sports has realized they cannot rely on only football to provide the readers with entertainment year round in the face of so many other prediction sites.  Due to that, I have been working on a new formula that will predict basketball scores!

In the coming weeks, expect this site to begin posting NBA matchup predictions.  Just like the NFL and NCAA football formula, this formula is in it’s infancy.  I hope I can provide some solid predictions to entertain and predict winners.

Thank you again for being a loyal reader of Elldee Sports!

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NFL Week 17 Recap

That’s a wrap.  The 2018 Regular Season is now over.  The remaining 12 teams are dialed in and each team believes they have what it takes to bring home the Lombardi Trophy.  The last fork in the road has been taken and the race down the final stretch to the SuperBowl begins next week!

Before we head down the home stretch, the NFL had to finalize the contestants for the playoffs.  The Eagles came into the week knowing they needed a win to have any shot at making the field and they did what was needed, completely obliterating the Washington Redskins 24-0.  Philadelphia secured the final NFC spot at the expense of the Minnesota Vikings who fell victim to the Chicago Bears at home 24-10.  Better luck next year, Vikings.

Things were just as exciting in the AFC as the 6th and final spot came down to the late night game between the Colts and Titans.  Houston locked up the division earlier in the day, forcing Indianapolis and Tennessee to compete for survival.  The Colts played their hearts out the second half of the season and earned their chance at immortality.

Once again, the Elldee Sports Best Bets went 2-2.  The Best Bets finished the year at just over 50%. I will continue to post the predictions but this will be my final NFL post of the season.  Be on the lookout for articles on big news throughout the offseason.  I will continue to tweak the formula as I try to make the ultimate prediction machine! Good luck and thank you again for reading, following, and commenting.  Until next year.

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NFL Week 17 Predictions

Here we are, Week 17, the final week of the regular season.  About half of the teams in the National Football League have a chance to make the playoffs, the other half are playing for pride and their teammates.  That means this week will, more than likely, have some head scratching results.  This week The Elldee Sports Best Bets will include four games anyways!

Dallas @ NY Giants (-6)

Jacksonville @ Houston (-6.5)

Chicago @ Minnesota (-4.5)

Philadelphia (-6.5) @ Washington

Dallas is a better team than the New York Giants this season but they have absolutely nothing to play for.  The Cowboys are one of the few teams with a guaranteed playoff spot but no chance of moving up or down from the 4-seed.  The Giants on the other hand can at least claim a moral victory and feel good heading into the offseason.

Houston is locked in to the playoffs as well but are in danger of droppong from the 4th spot to the 6th with a loss.  That means this matchup is the difference between a first round home game or an away game.  The Texans even have an outside shot at a first round bye!  Expect them to come out and control the game against the offensively challenged Jaguars.

Chicago is a good team but so are the Vikings.  A big Week 17 game in Minneapolis is exactly what the Vikes need to make the playoffs.  Top that with the fact that the likelihood of Chicago jumping the Rams for the 2-seed is small, so they won’t come out with much energy.

Philadelphia needs a win and a Vikings loss to make the playoffs.  I would count on Philadelphia to throw the kitchen sink at the banged up Redskins to at least give themselves a chance.

There you have it.  The final full week of predictions for this regular season.  I hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as I have enjoyed writing it.  Good luck!

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NFL Week 16 Recap

Available spots for the ’19 NFL playoffs are dwindling.  Some teams look to be backing into a plyoff spot while some teams have rounded into form but is it too late?  Only time will tell with 1 week remaining.

In the AFC, the Chiefs, Pats, Chargers and Texans have all locked up a spot which leaves two spots left between four teams.  The Ravens appear to have the most straightforward opportunity as they only need to win and they are in, in some form or fashion.  On the flip side, the Pittsburgh Steelers have the longest shot but are definitely not out as they can make it with a win and Ravens loss.

The NFC is slightly less convoluted as five spots are locked up with two teams vying for the final position.  The Saints, Rams, Bears, Cowboys, and Seahawks are in.  That leaves the Vikings and Eagles with a chance.  The Vikes are in with a win or an Eagles loss.  Philadelphia needs a win AND a Viking loss to back in.

The Elldee Sports Best Bets went 2-2 this week after the Browns fell a point short to cover both of the losses, the spread and over.  Oh well, you can’t win them all.  We are rolling into the final week and a bunch of matchups with zero playoff implications so get ready for the wierdness factor to really peak.  Until next week, good luck.

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