NCAAF Week 13 Recap

It finally appears as if the playoff picture is becoming clear.  Who is in amd who is out?  We are still not sure the exact participants as each time we almost have a handle on it, the college football world throws us a curveball.

Man, oh man, I did not envision the Ohio State Buckeyes dismantling the Michigan Wolverines like they did.  I am slightly surprised they even won considering the recent turn of events in the Big 10 but to score 62 points on one of the top defenses in the nation was unbelievable.  Alabama had no trouble dispatching it’s arch rivals, the Auburn Tigers, by 31.  Clemson rolled to a 21 point win but uncharacteristically gave up a ton of points to a never-say-die South Carolina Gamecock team.  Notre Dame struggled early but eventually righted the ship and defeated the USC Trojans by 7.

So that covers three of the likely playoff contenders but who will take the spot left vacant by the Michigan Wolverines?  There are really only three options, the Oklahoma Sooners, the Ohio State Buckeyes, or the UCF Golden Knights.  Oklahoma has a historically good offense but no defense.  Ohio State has a strong offense, average at best defense, but boasts wins over Michigan and Penn State.  UCF, the underdog favorite who has gone undefeated for almost 2 years straight now but lost their superstar quarterback to a gruesome leg injury that will sideline him for the rest of his college career.  Who should go?  Only the playoff committee can decide that.

I knew it was too good to be true.  Basing my best bets off of the formula and the good old fashioned eye test was bound to falter at some point.  Elldee Sports was rocking a 75% win percentage, winning at a clip of 3 out of every 4!  This week was quite different as the formula accounts only for numbers and cannot adjust for rivalry week emotions, that was simply an error in my own judgement.  By going 0-4 this week, my win percentage tumbled to 64.3% which is still very respectable.  The Elldee Sports Team of the Week is the Texas A&M Aggies, as they outlasted the LSU Tigers 74-72 in the longest and highest scoring game in FBS history.  If the playoffs started today, the teams should be Alabama, Clemson, Notre Dame, and Oklahoma.  Until next week, good luck.

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NFL Week 12 Predictions

It’s time for traditional Turkey Week games.  The usual three game slate on Thanksgiving should whet your appetite for the Sunday games.  We have four games this week for Elldee Sports Best Bets.

Chicago (-4) @ Detroit

Jacksonville (-3) @ Buffalo

Seattle @ Carolina (-3.5)

Miami @ Indianapolis (-10)

Would it be Thanksgiving Day without spending quality family time watching the Lions lose?  I have nothing against Detroit but they do not have a good track record over the past two decades on this holiday.  Even worse, they are coming up against the buzzsaw that has been the Chicago Bears.  I’ll take my chances with the hot team in the Bears.

Jacksonville appears to have found the component they were missing earlier this year.  His name is Leonard Fournette and he is an animal.  The weather may force this to be more of a running game which plays into Jacksonville’s hands.  Expect the Jaguars to win with a stout running attack and defense.

Seattle is a powerful team with good balance on both sides of the ball.  Carolina is coming off of a heartbreaker to Detroit.  Both of these teams have one thing in common, they are great at home and shaky on the road.  This is especially true when you have to travel from the West Coast to the East Coast for a 1 pm kickoff.  Take the home team.

Can the Dolphins hang with the Colts on offense?  I highly doubt it and with Andrew Luck rounding into form, Indianapolis will be able to hang over 30.  Miami is decent but not great.  They will not be able to travel to Indy and keep it close after halftime.

Get ready to watch as all four of these teams are golden.  Enjoy the turkey, family, and football.  Also, enjoy the quality picks from Elldee Sports!

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NCAAF Week 13 Prediction

Rivalry week is here and with it comes a few great options for the Elldee Sports Best Bets.  Is your team one of the squads with a great chance to dominate?  Lets jump into our four guaranteed winners.

Michigan (-4) @ Ohio State

Minnesota @ Wisconsin (-10)

Notre Dame (-10.5) @ USC

Oklahoma State (-5) @ TCU

Michigan is rolling, led by their stellar defense.  Shea Patterson leads a serviceable offense to complement the monster defense.  Ohio State has the talent and the coaching but something doesn’t seem right in Columbus.  All of the talent in the world cannot win a championship if the chemistry is missing.

Minnesota is a tough, hard nosed team…at home.  On the road they are softer than charmin.  Wisconsin comes in as a major disappointment this year, having lost three games already.  All three losses have come on the road against top-tier Big 10 teams.  This one is in the confines of Camp Randall Stadium, take the home team in a blowout.

Notre Dame brings their undefeated record into Los Angeles for a big time rivalry game.  USC is scrapping for bowl eligibility.  The way that Notre Dame is rolling with their all-around quality should have no issues owning USC in the Coliseum, sending the Trojans into the offseason without a bowl.

Oklahoma State has really come alive.  The Cowboys had so much promise headed into the season but lost some luster somewhere in the middle of the season after a few losses.  They seem to have found their mojo while TCU has continued to fall off all season.  Oklahoma State should be able to cover the 5-pt spread.

There are your winners for this week.  With a 75% winning rate in the Best Bets, you can expect these four games to increase that percentage.  Enjoy the games and your Holiday, good luck.

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NFL Week 11 Recap

Wow! What a finish to a splendid week of professional football.  There were a few upsets, a few qb changes, and a amazing Monday Night Football game.  So, who were the winners and losers this week?

An epic Monday Night Football game ended with the 9-1 LA Rams handling the 9-1 KC Chiefs, 54-51, in the highest scoring MNF game in history and leaving the Rams at the top of the mountain.  The New Orleans Saints proved that they belong in the elite group of teams at the top of the standings after their performance this week.  The Saints defeated the defending superbowl champion Eagles 48-7 to set the tone for the second half of the season as they have won nine straight!  On the flip side, the Detroit Lions were able to shock the rest of the NFL by beating the Carolina Panthers 20-19 in an exciting game as the Panthers failed on a 2-point coversion attempt in the final minute.

Rookie QB sensation Lamar Jackson finally got a crack at the starting position in Baltimore and didn’t disappoint.  The Ravens were playing the Cincinatti Bengals but regular starter Joe Flacco was out with a hip injury.  Jackson came in and led the Ravens to a 24-21 victory anyway!  In New York, the Tampa Bay QB carousel continued vs the NY Giants as Fitzpatrick played extremely pedestrian once again and eventually gave way to Jameis Winston.  Winston played lights out and almost brought the Buccaneers back from a 17-point defecit, only falling 38-35.

The Elldee Sports Best Bets were back up to 50% this week, going 2-2.  The overall Best Bet win percentage is still rocking a highly respectable 61.5%.  That means the numbers are back on the rise and it will be only up from here!  Until next week, Happy Thanksgiving and good luck.

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NCAAF Week 12 Recap

We are now in the home stretch, rounding the final turn, of the College Football season.  There were not a ton of upsets at the top of the rankings, only one in fact.  In a week where many teams had games of the easier variety, multiple elite teams had very slow starts.  How did your team fare?

Starting at the top, Alabama, a team with a record breaking offense and a defense with multiple NFL draft picks went into the half tied 10-10 with Citadel!  Of course, they rolled in the 2nd half but the fact it took until then is slightly embarassing.  Clemson trailed Duke 6-0 before coming alive and cranking up the heat in a 35-6 win.  Ohio State had to come from behind to steal a 52-51 win over Maryland, a team below .500.

Speaking of coming from behind, Oklahoma State was down by 17, at one point, to the #9 West Virginia Mountaineers before storming back and winning 45-41, using a 21-point 4th quarter to execute the impressive win.  The #20 Boston College Eagles also blew a late lead, losing to the FSU Seminoles 22-21 in Tallahassee.  The Eagles even had a two touchdown performance from superstar AJ Dillon but it wasn’t enough.

The Elldee Sports Best Bets took it’s first college loss in 3 weeks, going 3-2 on picks.  West Virginia and Boston College both blew late leads and cost the Best Bet win percentage.  60% on the week is still respectable and the overall Best Bet win percentage is holding strong at 75% accuracy!  The Elldee Sports Team of the Week is the UCF Golden Knights.  The defending National Champions got the primetime slot for a chance to impress the playoff committee and they held up their end of the bargain.  UCF hammered the #24 Cincinatti Bearcats and their top defense to the tune of 38-13.  Will it be enough?  Doubtful.  If the playoffs started today, 1) Alabama, 2) Notre Dame, 3) Clemson, 4) Michigan.  This is what I will stick with for one more week but Washington State is becoming more difficult to ignore each passing week.  Until next week, good luck.

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NCAAF Week 12 Predictions

Back at it for another swing!  The Elldee Sports Best Bets are undefeated for college picks over the last 2 weeks.  Let’s keep this money train rolling!  We have five games this week.

Utah (-7) @ Colorado

Missouri (-6) @ Tennessee

West Virginia (-4.5) @ Oklahoma State

Boston College (-1.5) @ Florida State

Arizona @ Washington State (-9.5)

Utah has been playing lights out for most of the season and look to continue the trend.  They had a slight hiccup in Tempe but corrected the ship last week.  Colorado, on the other hand, started off on fire and have stumbled.  Their all-star WR Shenault got injured earlier this season and even after coming back, the Buffaloes just haven’t been the same.

Missouri will be a dangerous team as long as Drew Lock is slinging the ball around.  The Tigers are tough and if you aren’t prepared they will shock you, just ask Florida!  Tennessee hss definitely made strides this season and are on the turnaround but the odds makers are giving them a little too much credit for a win over a floundering Kentucky team.  Kentucky was exposed and now teams know how to stop them.  While it was a win over a ranked team, the Vols shouldn’t be overstating what it meant for this season.

West Virginia heads to Stillwater to continue their quest to make the playoffs.  Will Grier and David Sills are really clicking and the loss a few weeks back enabled them to focus on football again, not being undefeated.  Oklahoma State has little to play for outside of ruining other people’s year.  They may give their all in an attempt to make a bowl game but after last week’s emotional loss, they will be out of gas by half and the Mountaineers will run away with it.

How is it possible that a 6-3 BC team that held Clemson to 27 points last week be only a point and a half favorite over a 3-6 FSU team in the middle of its worst season in 35 years?  Your guess is as good as mine.  Take BC for the easy win.

Arizona has started to look better the past few weeks but Washington State is kicking butt and having fun.  The Cougars have something special going on in Pullman so don’t expect the Wildcats to come into the state of washington and beat the fighting mustaches!

Count ’em, that’s five wins for this week in college football.  Take it to the bank as Elldee Sports is looking to rock a 3rd straight week of college picks without losing!  Good luck, guys!

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NFL Week 11 Predictions

Here we are once again as Week 11 is about to get started.  The Elldee Sports Team is cranking up the formula machine early this week and getting the Elldee Sports Best Bets out there for two reasons.  Number one is the fact that after our first losing week of Best Bets, I simply can’t wait to get that taste out of my mouth!  Secondly, I like the Thursday night game a lot.

Green Bay @ Seattle (-2.5)

Carolina (-4) @ Detroit

Pittsburgh (-6) @ Jacksonville

Philadelphia @ New Orleans (-8)

Green Bay is traveling across the country to match up with the Seattle Seahawks on a short week while Seattle gets to wait at home.  If that isn’t enough, the Seahawks boast one of the toughest stadiums to play at.  If that still isn’t enough, the formula calls for a win anyways!

The Carolina Panthers head out for another road game after being dismantled in Pittsburgh last week.  One difference, this Detroit team isn’t Pittsburgh.  Look for the Panther defense to stiffen up against the Lions and their passing attack while the offense pounds the ball on the ground and makes use of timely deep passes.

Pittsburgh has caught fire the last few weeks and the Jaguars have wilted under the pressure.  I wouldn’t say Jacksonville has necessarily wilted but they arent the same team without a power rushing attack.  Fournette is supposed to be back this week but even with him, the Steelers have been playing so well, I don’t think the Jags can hang.

Philadelphia appears to have a Superbowl hangover.  Compound that with the fact that the Eagles have been bitten by the injury bug and the outcome is a 4-5 record through the first half of the season.  New Orleans has been toying with teams and the Philly secondary should pose no threat as the Saints roll.

There you have it, the top picks for the week.  I fully expect a complete turnaround from last week’s poor showing.  Follow along and be amazed!

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