NCAAF Power 5 Predictions

Elldee Sports is predicting all five of the power conferences to have an undefeated member. The sad part is that the playoffs only have room for four. This will be another case of a deserving team not making the playoffs due to preseason poll positioning. The same teams continue to dominate the power conferences andContinue reading “NCAAF Power 5 Predictions”

ACC: Can Anyone Challenge Clemson for the Conference Throne?

    Is Clemson unbeatable or will they finally be knocked off their throne in the Atlantic Coast Conference?  Elldee Sports has run the formula for schedules in each conference and come up with projected champions.  Today, we will discuss the ACC. Let’s go ahead and talk about the elephant in the room.  Clemson isContinue reading “ACC: Can Anyone Challenge Clemson for the Conference Throne?”