The NBA Barrels Toward the Weekend With Multiple Games on Tap

Elldee Sports is back after there were no games that held any value, when looking at spreads or totals, on Thursday.  That is not the case on Friday as there are quite a few games on the docket, many of which hold significant value in the odds department.  Here is what the Elldee Sports formula is predicting.

Utah @ Memphis Over 209.5

Cleveland @ Miami Over 213

Toronto @ New Orleans (+6.5)

Detroit @ Chicago Over 218.5

The formula also calls for Philadelphia (+6.5) @ Houston but without Embiid, the numbers and averages will not play out consistently so I do not want to call it as a favorite.  Outside of that, the other four games look fairly solid percentage wise and should play out as forecasted!  Good luck.

NBA Yearly Total 27-22

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NBA Perfection

Two nights in a row have finished without a loss for Elldee Sports.  Sure, there have only been one pick per night but 2-0 is still perfect!  Wednesday has a few more value picks so let’s see if we can keep it going.

Dallas (+5.5) @ Washington

Utah @ New Orleans (+4)

Philadelphia (-5) @ Chicago

New York @ Phoenix Over 225.5

Will all four picks come to fruition?  The formula says that the odds are good but nothing is written in stone in the NBA.  Elldee Sports is hoping to keep the unbeaten streak going.

NBA Yearly Total 25-20

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Can The Chicago Bulls Travel to Indiana and Compete?

Tuesday night in the NBA is headlined by Houston traveling to Canada to face the Toronto Raptors.  That game definitely provides intrigue but could honestly go either way.  The real value on the night is in Indianapolis as the Chicago Bulls face off against the Indiana Pacers.

Chicago @ Indiana (-8)

Chicago has struggled this year and the Pacers should have little problem covering this large spread.  The Elldee Sports formula is calling for a 75% chance that Indiana wins and covers.

NBA Yearly Total 25-16

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Monday Night NBA has Little to Show For Value But Top Notch Excitement

Another weekend has passed and now the playoff race is really heating up.  As the playoff race heats up, Elldee Sports has cooled off.  A poor showing on Sunday (0-2) has driven the win percentage down to 59%.  Even still, we are well above 50% and looking to get back in the saddle.

Denver @ San Antonio (+1)

Only one play for Monday as there are only three games being served up.  Count on the Spurs to play well at home and get the “W”.

NBA Yearly Total 24-16

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Back On the Good Foot

After a rough Wednesday night, Elldee Sports made some strides and got back on the plus side.  The winning ways should carry over into Friday night, culminating in a scorching hot Saturday!

Detroit @ Cleveland Over 216

Orlando @ Indiana Over 210.5

Memphis @ Dallas (-5) Over 212.5

New Orleans (+13.5) @ Denver

LA Lakers (-6.5) @ Phoenix

The Elldee Sports formula has been hot and looks to keep you warm, as we all suffer through another cold spell outside.  Expect the formula to continue to produce. Relax, grab a drink, and enjoy the windfall.

NBA Yearly Total 23-14

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NBA Friday Night May Just Get More Interesting

After the first night that Elldee Sports dipped below 50%, we are ready to get back on the horse.  The formula is still rolling with a 65% total win percentage, though.  Friday night, Elldee Sports is hoping to give you a reason to kick back and smile for a few games.

Washington @ Boston (-9)

LA Clippers @ Sacramento Under 240

Milwaukee @ LA Lakers Under 236.5

Stick with these picks and you won’t go wrong!  Keep following Elldee Sports for a sneak peak at what the next night of NBA scores will look like.

NBA Yearly Total 20-11

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