NCAAF Power 5 Predictions

Elldee Sports is predicting all five of the power conferences to have an undefeated member. The sad part is that the playoffs only have room for four. This will be another case of a deserving team not making the playoffs due to preseason poll positioning. The same teams continue to dominate the power conferences andContinue reading “NCAAF Power 5 Predictions”

NCAAF Week 7 GotW: Texas Tech @ Baylor (-10)

    Raise your hand if you thought the Baylor Bears would be undefeated heading into Week 7?  I have a feeling that not many of you raised your hands.  That doesn’t mean they are a Big 12 Power and will steamroll the competition by simply showing up, especially against a Texas Tech team thatContinue reading “NCAAF Week 7 GotW: Texas Tech @ Baylor (-10)”

Week 4 NCAAF GotW: Oklahoma State @ Texas (-5.5)

    Time has arrived for College Football to go wholesale into conference competition.  I know, I know, there have already been conference matchups but starting this week, a majority of teams will play conference foes.  That is no different in the Big XII and one of the best games of the week for allContinue reading “Week 4 NCAAF GotW: Oklahoma State @ Texas (-5.5)”

Big Twelve: Is a Storm Brewing on the Prairies?

    When you think of the Big XII, you think about Oklahoma and rightly so.  The Sooners have won 12 conference championships since 2000, including the last 4 straight.  Will Oklahoma pull off the five-peat?  They are facing steep competition as Texas has had a resurgence, to the delight of the Lone Star State.Continue reading “Big Twelve: Is a Storm Brewing on the Prairies?”