Heisman Trophy ’18?

It’s time for the NCAA’s biggest award, the Heisman Trophy.  I wanted to author a small write-up in hopes to get a few opinions about the course that this trophy has taken.  Who should win this award and why.

This year the finalists are all underclassmen.  The line-up consists of three quarterbacks, Oklahoma’s Kyler Murray, Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa, and Ohio State’s Dwayne Haskins.  While I do believe that each of these players are incredible athletes in their own right, I don’t know if they embody what the Heisman used to stand for.

I may be wrong but with my opinion but I think the Heisman should not go to the best player on the best team but instead should go to the best player in college football.  I know that a player’s character also plays into this but how else should this award winner be decided?  I like to think the only fair way to truly judge a players abilities is to decide which team would suffer the most without them on it.

Take Tua from Alabama and Jalen Hurts steps in and they likely still go undefeated.  Remove Haskins from Ohio State and the Buckeyes more than likely still end up in a New Year’s Six Bowl Game.  Drop Kyler Murray from Oklahoma and that team loses at least three games with that sieve of a defense.

With that reasoning, I would be fine with Murray winning the coveted prize but I am not sure the other two should even be in New York as finalists.  I would lean towards Will Grier of West Virginia, Ian Book of Notre Dame, or Benny Snell of Kentucky as my additional finalists.

I find it hard to get behind Tua Tagovailoa when he is surrounded by elite athletes.  Alabama has only played one game this year against a team with similar athletes and that was Georgia, who shut down Tua and the high powered offense until Hurts came in.  It also seems that Ohio State rotates quarterbacks in every year that put up video game numbers.  That leads me to believe that Urban Meyer’s system has as much to do with his success as his abilities.

Do any of you feel the same way or am I way off base here?  Please comment and let me know your thoughts.

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NFL Week 14 Prediction

The horses are rounding the final turn and heading down the home stretch.  Each team is jockeying for position, whether it’s homefield advantage or simply inclusion in the 12-team playoff field.  Here are four games that you can put in the bank as sure-fire winners.

Indianapolis @ Houston (-4.5)

New Orleans (-8) @ Tampa Bay

Cincinatti @ LA Chargers (-14)

Minnesota @ Seattle (-3)

Houston is firing on all cylinders and get an Indianapolis team, at home, that couldn’t even muster a point vs the Jacksonville Jaguars last week.  Did the Jags expose this Colts offense?  I don’t think that is necessarily the case but Houston and Deshaun Watson will roll in H-Town!

New Orleans is in unfamiliar territory this week.  They are following a loss for only the second time this season after falling to the Cowboys last week.  The last Saints loss was to these very same Tampa Bay Buccaneers but their fortunes have gone in different directions since their last meeting.  In fact, after New Orleans dropped their Week 1 matchup to the Bucs, they reeled off 10 straight.  They may not repeat that streak but expect the Saints to cruise to victory.

Not only are the Cincinatti Bengals forced to travel across country to play on the West Coast but they are tasked with playing the LA Chargers, one of the NFL’s hottest teams.  Compound that with the fact that the Bengals are injured beyond recognition and you have a recipe for disaster.  Count on the Chargers to win this one easily and cover.

Minnesota lost last week’s matchup in Foxboro against the New England Patriots by two touchdowns.  The NFL was so kind that they followed up the Viking’s East Coast trip with a trip to the West coast this week as they visit the Seattle Seahawks.  The 12th man will be there supporting their hometown ‘Hawks and that always makes the Seahawks formidable in Seattle.  The Vikings are a solid team but will be exhausted and outmatched in a low scoring game.

Write them down, visit the site, make a record somehow because these four matchup outcomes might as well be set in stone.  Count on four wins this week, I know I will.  Good luck!

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NFL Week 13 Recap

This week was all about streak breaking.  The competition for wildcard slots is really picking up.  Some teams have firm entrenched identities and others seem to change week to week.  Are you happy with how your team is performing?

The Dallas Cowboys have asserted themselves as the team to beat in the NFC East after their defense was able to ground the high flying New Orleans Saints offense.  The Philadelphia Eagles are right on their tail, though after rocking the Redskins on Monday Night Football.  The two play each other in Week 14 and if the Eagles hope to have any hopes of retaking command in the division, they will have to win that game.

The West Coast has a few teams that are impressing and I don’t mean only in Los Angeles.  The Rams and Chargers are both running through their schedules with relative ease but the Seattle Seahawks have really turned it on in recent weeks culminating with a dominating performance this week vs the San Francisco 49ers.  The sad fact of the matter is that regardless of how well they play from here on out, they are likely relegated to a wild card spot as they share a division with the powerful LA Rams.  Seattle could win another division outright but are unlucky enough to be paired with another power in a clear example of why divisional seperations should not be used to determine playoff participants.

I sound like a broken record but, once again, my best bets failed to break .500.  My only saving grace is that due to starting the year off so strong, I am still sitting at 54.5%. I have got to turn this around soon or I won’t be profitable for much longer.  Be prepared for next week’s picks soon.  Until then, good luck!

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NCAAF Championship Week Recap

It’s all over but the bowl games now.  There are winners, losers, and tons of intrigue when it comes to the playoff selection.  If only there were live coverage of what went on in the decision room of the CFB Playoff Committee.

All teams in contention for a playoff spot won except for Georgia.  You really can’t fault the Bulldogs for dropping a game to the #1 ranked Alabama Crimson Tide by a touchdown.  The result came after a hard fought game by both teams which ended with the game ultimately being decided by a questionable fake punt call and a hero off of the bench.  Oklahoma avenged their only loss of the year, convincingly, to win the Big 12 Conference Championship.  This outcome bears extreme similarities to last year’s Georgia win in the SEC Championship that enabled them to make a title run in the playoffs.

So the playoff matchups are set with Alabama playing Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl and Clemson matched up with Notre Dame in the Cotton Bowl.  Despite the valiant effort by Ohio State, Georgia, and UCF, they will all be relegated to a New Year’s Six Bowl.  The final Elldee Sports Team of the Week is the UCF Golden Knights.  They get the nod for two reasons, number one is that they showed they are more than Mackenzie Milton after putting up 56 on Memphis and secondly, this is the only reward they will ever be recognized for after winning 25 straight that includes wins over, Auburn and Pitt.  Keep fighting, Knights!  Stay tuned for the Bowl predictions coming soon.

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NFL Week 13 Predictions

Well, well, well.  We got a solid lineup this week and can really enjoy some quality matchups.  With the late post this week, I can already share that the Dallas Cowboys defeated the New Orleans Saints to put a stranglehold on the NFC East.  Can any other teams take control of their division?  Well Elldee Sports is here to give you three sure things.

Cleveland @ Houston (-6)

Chicago (-4.5) @ NY Giants

Kansas City (-15) @ Oakland

Cleveland is on a two game winning streak which is impressive for a team that is as woeful as the Browns have been the past few years.  Although they have beaten Atlanta at home and a downward trending Bengals team on the road, I do not believe they can defeat a Houston Texans team on an eight game win streak.  Additionally, the Texans have covered the spread in 4 of the last 5 games.  Take Houston to cover.

Chicago is playing with Chase Daniel at quarterback again but that hasn’t slowed them in previous weeks as they are riding a five-game winning streak and covering in all five matches.  The NY Giants have only won three games all season, including two of the last three but since week two have alternated between covering and not.  Surprise, surprise but this is the week they will fail to cover if history holds true and Chicago’s defense will ensure that happens.

Kansas City has a lot of distractions this week after releasing Kareem Hunt this week.  That won’t matter vs the shaky Oakland Raiders.  KC is coming off of a bye week and are already handling business this year on the arm of Mahomes.  Oakland on the other hand have appeared to have already hung the cleats up this year in hopes of a huge draft class and the future.  Take the shorthanded Chiefs and the cover.

There you have it.  Three solid picks for the week.  Don’t forget to look at all of the scores predicted by the formula this week under the NFL tab on Elldeesports.com.  Good luck, readers!

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NCAAF Championship Week Predictions

Here we are in the final week of the regular season for college football.  All of the Power 5 Conferences are playing their championship games.  Will there be one more week of curveballs to shake up the playoff picture?

The Elldee Sports formula is predicting all favorites to win the championship games.  This is the first week, with a minimal number of games, that I do not see any Best Bets to lean on.  In each game I can see the favorite rolling but in each game there is hope for the underdog to steal a win, particularly with the points.

The way that Alabama has been rolling, there is no doubt that they have the firepower to cover the large two touchdown line.  On the other hand, the Georgia Bulldogs are probably the one team that is built to compete with the Crimson Tide.  That coupled with the emotional boost of playing in Atlanta and the painful memory of last years National Championship game might give them just the boost that the Bulldogs need to challenge for the SEC crown.

Ohio State has looked amazing for half of the year, including last week’s explosion over a top Michigan defense.  The other half of the year they have struggled to win and looked lost.  Northwestern has won 15 of their last 16 Big 10 games and are a gritty, blue collar team.  Will they be able to grind it out and shock the world?

As far as the numbers indicate, the favorites should roll but we all know that anything can happen.  Best of luck and you will hear from Elldee Sports again after the playoffs brackets have been decided.

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NFL Week 12 Recap

I hope everyone got filled with Turkey and enjoyed time with family and friends.  Due to the traveling, I did not get to watch very much professional football this weekend.  I will go over the few tidbits I have, though.

The Cowboys won the fight between them and the Redskins.  The Eagles finally got back to their winning ways at the expense of OBJ and his hopes of a 9-game win streak for the NY Giants.  Also, the Green Bay Packers have got to figure out who they want to be during the twilight years of Aaron Rodgers after another loss.

The Elldee Sports Best Bets went a paltry 1-3 for the second straight week, dropping the win percentage down to 56.7%.  This is still slightly profitable in Vegas but I don’t want to be “slightly profitable”, I want to be perfect!  I just have to keep with the tweaks on the formula and hope that the readers continue to read.  Until next week, good luck

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