The NBA Plays So Many Games But Who Can Win Them?

Elldee Sports has been rolling as we are keeping a 65%+ win percentage.  The next round of wins for Sunday are coming up. Houston @ Boston (-2.5) NY Knicks at LA Clippers Under 230.5 The two scores above are basically giving Vegas wins away.  Win here or there and everyone is happy. NBA Yearly TotalsContinue reading “The NBA Plays So Many Games But Who Can Win Them?”

Back On the Good Foot

After a rough Wednesday night, Elldee Sports made some strides and got back on the plus side.  The winning ways should carry over into Friday night, culminating in a scorching hot Saturday! Detroit @ Cleveland Over 216 Orlando @ Indiana Over 210.5 Memphis @ Dallas (-5) Over 212.5 New Orleans (+13.5) @ Denver LA LakersContinue reading “Back On the Good Foot”

NBA Friday Night May Just Get More Interesting

After the first night that Elldee Sports dipped below 50%, we are ready to get back on the horse.  The formula is still rolling with a 65% total win percentage, though.  Friday night, Elldee Sports is hoping to give you a reason to kick back and smile for a few games. Washington @ Boston (-9)Continue reading “NBA Friday Night May Just Get More Interesting”

Is Miami Better Than Their Record Indicates?

The new Elldee Sports NBA formula has been pretty spot on, going 13-4 overall.  The one oddity that has been recurring is that the formula calls for the Miami Heat to be one of the better teams but clearly it hasnt panned out.  In fact, two of the four losses have been the Heat losingContinue reading “Is Miami Better Than Their Record Indicates?”

After the All-Star Break, Totals and Lines Appear to Level Out

Elldee Sports did not begin forecasting NBA games until after the all-star break.  Over the first few nights since the return, the totals had amazing value while the spreads were almost a consistent 50/50 split on who the formula predicted would cover.  Wednesday is the first night that there are an even number of predictionsContinue reading “After the All-Star Break, Totals and Lines Appear to Level Out”

Is It Too Early To Look Ahead to Tuesday’s NBA Matchups?

Even before the huge amount of basketball games set to begin in mere minutes, Elldee Sports is already looking ahead for the next value.  Opposite of tonight and the plethora of picks the formula calls for, tomorrow only has three games and only one total that has any real draw to it. Oklahoma City @Continue reading “Is It Too Early To Look Ahead to Tuesday’s NBA Matchups?”

Buckle Up for an Exciting NBA Playoff Race

The NBA is a different animal than the NFL.  When posting football predictions, it was simple because the games were mainly once a week.  Basketball is different in that they play nightly throughout the season.  With games every night, I am going to attempt to post the Elldee Sports forecast on the evening prior, ensuringContinue reading “Buckle Up for an Exciting NBA Playoff Race”

In a Slow NBA Day, Denver-LA Clips Have Value

After a day with 12 games, Sunday’s NBA slate seems pretty light.  There are only three games today and all three have a 9-point spread.  Generally, that is a recipe for sluggish games for a sluggish day and I have to agree.  The spreads are all pretty spot on with no real value for eitherContinue reading “In a Slow NBA Day, Denver-LA Clips Have Value”

In Today’s NBA, Totals are where it’s at!

My first night of dipping my toes in the NBA waters netted me a 2-2 record.  Not bad, not great.  With such a small sample size I expected as much but that leaves plenty of room for improvement.  Today’s games, February 23rd, should show a marked increase for the Elldee Sports NBA excursion. Detroit @Continue reading “In Today’s NBA, Totals are where it’s at!”

NBA First Rodeo

The time has come for an exciting new chapter in Elldee Sports history.  Tonight we are making our inaugural NBA game predictions.  I will keep a running tally of wins and losses at the bottom of each post.  Here goes nothing! Washington @ Charlotte Over 230 Chicago @ Orlando (-8) San Antonio @ Toronto UnderContinue reading “NBA First Rodeo”