NFL Week 17 Predictions

Here we are, Week 17, the final week of the regular season.  About half of the teams in the National Football League have a chance to make the playoffs, the other half are playing for pride and their teammates.  That means this week will, more than likely, have some head scratching results.  This week The Elldee Sports Best Bets will include four games anyways!

Dallas @ NY Giants (-6)

Jacksonville @ Houston (-6.5)

Chicago @ Minnesota (-4.5)

Philadelphia (-6.5) @ Washington

Dallas is a better team than the New York Giants this season but they have absolutely nothing to play for.  The Cowboys are one of the few teams with a guaranteed playoff spot but no chance of moving up or down from the 4-seed.  The Giants on the other hand can at least claim a moral victory and feel good heading into the offseason.

Houston is locked in to the playoffs as well but are in danger of droppong from the 4th spot to the 6th with a loss.  That means this matchup is the difference between a first round home game or an away game.  The Texans even have an outside shot at a first round bye!  Expect them to come out and control the game against the offensively challenged Jaguars.

Chicago is a good team but so are the Vikings.  A big Week 17 game in Minneapolis is exactly what the Vikes need to make the playoffs.  Top that with the fact that the likelihood of Chicago jumping the Rams for the 2-seed is small, so they won’t come out with much energy.

Philadelphia needs a win and a Vikings loss to make the playoffs.  I would count on Philadelphia to throw the kitchen sink at the banged up Redskins to at least give themselves a chance.

There you have it.  The final full week of predictions for this regular season.  I hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as I have enjoyed writing it.  Good luck!

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NFL Week 16 Recap

Available spots for the ’19 NFL playoffs are dwindling.  Some teams look to be backing into a plyoff spot while some teams have rounded into form but is it too late?  Only time will tell with 1 week remaining.

In the AFC, the Chiefs, Pats, Chargers and Texans have all locked up a spot which leaves two spots left between four teams.  The Ravens appear to have the most straightforward opportunity as they only need to win and they are in, in some form or fashion.  On the flip side, the Pittsburgh Steelers have the longest shot but are definitely not out as they can make it with a win and Ravens loss.

The NFC is slightly less convoluted as five spots are locked up with two teams vying for the final position.  The Saints, Rams, Bears, Cowboys, and Seahawks are in.  That leaves the Vikings and Eagles with a chance.  The Vikes are in with a win or an Eagles loss.  Philadelphia needs a win AND a Viking loss to back in.

The Elldee Sports Best Bets went 2-2 this week after the Browns fell a point short to cover both of the losses, the spread and over.  Oh well, you can’t win them all.  We are rolling into the final week and a bunch of matchups with zero playoff implications so get ready for the wierdness factor to really peak.  Until next week, good luck.

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NFL Week 16 Predictions

The season is winding down as teams jockey for playoff position.  There are still a few games with value this week as you will see below with The Elldee Sports Best Bets.

Cincinatti @  Cleveland (-9)

Cincinatti @ Cleveland (Over 44.5)

Tampa Bay @ Dallas (-7)

Houston (+2.5) @ Philadelphia

The Cincinatti Bengals and the Cleveland Browns is a story of two teams headed in different directions.  This is no fault of the Bengals as the injury bug has hit them hard on both sides of the ball.  On the flip side, the Browns are a talented, young team that has improved each week as they acquire more and more experience.  These two teams met 3 weeks ago with Cleveland winning in Cincinatti by 15, 35-20.  Expect a similar result, including this game sailing over the posted total.  The Browns offense has become fairly explosive and the Bengals QB Jeff Driskel has improved each week as well in his first real experience as a starter.

Dallas is in a spot that the rest of the NFC East teams must envy.  They are at the top of the division and play a reeling Tampa Bay team this week at home.  Expect them to continue to play stingy defense vs a Buccaneer offense without any real identity.  Look for a comfortable win for the Cowboys at home.

The Houston Texans must travel to the City of Brotherly Love to play the Philadelphia Eagles.  I have a sneaking suspicion that the Texans aren’t going to find much love in Philadelphia this week, despite the city’s namesake.  The defending Superbowl champs are clawing and fighting to steal the division and rejoin the playoffs this year.  Nick Foles is good and the Eagles looked impressive last week by defeating the Rams on the road but this is the week their magic runs out and they lose any chance of winning the division.

There you have it.  Four games and four winners.  Come back to Elldee Sports for all your prediction needs.  Good luck!

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NFL Week 15 Recap

As Week 15 winds to a close, there is more confusion than answers.  What motivates teams or better yet, WHO motivates teams?  Is your team motivated by the playoffs or by draft positions?  How about good old fashioned rivalry hate.

The Pittsburgh Steelers were on top of their game for ghe New England Patriots, even after losing mulgiple games in the past weeks.  When these teams meet, there is usually offensive fireworks but this time it was the defenses that stole the show.  In the end, the Steelers were the better team in a possible playoff preview.  Additionally, in a divisional matchup between long-time rivals, the San Francisco 49ers played spoiler to the Seattle Seahawks and their chances at a Wildcard spot.

In a few of the more shocking outcomes, the Dallas Cowboys were blanked by the Indianapolis Colts.  Indy was favored so it wasn’t a complete surprise but the manner in which it occurred with the Cowboys being shut out was strange.  It’s December, so that means Nick Foles is back leading the Eagles as they once again look tough after defeating the LA Rams in Los Angeles.  Finally, the Panthers of Carolina don’t care if they are floundering, they gave the New Orleans Saints all they could handle on MNF.

The Elldee Sports Best Bets took another beating this week, going 1-3.  This has brought the Best Bet picks down to 51%.  Another week going below .500 will threaten to take us below 50% for the first time this year.  On a bright note, the total was right 73.3% of the time this week which is outstanding.  Hopefully we are passing out of the rough patch and finish strong.  Until next week, good luck.

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NFL Week 15 Predictions

Well, well, well.  Week 15, here we come!  We’ve got four more games on tap for your prediction entertainment.  Read on for some guaranteed wins with this week’s lineup of Elldee Sports Best Bets!

Houston (-6) @ NY Jets

Detroit @ Buffalo (-2.5)

Seattle (-5.5) @ San Francisco

New Orleans (-6) @ Carolina

The Houston Texans may have had their 9-game win streak snapped last week but don’t take that as a reason for them to have any trouble with the hapless Jets.  Houston has everything to lose as they can lock up a playoff spot this week with a win.  On the flip side, New York has little to gain becuase any wins in the final three games will reduce their draft status.  Take the Texans.

Never trust the Lions outside, particularly late in the season when weather can play a major factor.  The Bills have been playing much better and rookie quarterback Josh Allen has been pulling off wins with his feet in low scoring affairs.  Expect this matchup to follow the script with the Bills scraping out a win at home in Frigid Buffalo.

Both of these teams are on fire right now.  Seattle is on fire and San Francisco is a dumpster fire.  That may be an exaggeration as San Fran isn’t THAT bad but Seattle should make short work of the 49ers.  The Seahawks have settled in and look to enter the playoff on a hot streak.

It sure sounds too good to be true but for some reason the New Orleans Saints are favored by less than a touchdown in Carolina.  The Panthers have been on a serious slide, losing their last five games and going 0-5 against the spread.  Maybe I am missing something but it doesn’t make sense to me and it doesn’t make sense according to the numbers as the formula is calling for an 11-point New Orleans win.

We get to watch pro ball in Saturday and Sunday this week as college football prepares for their Bowl Games.  That means you can be informed all weekend by coming to Elldee Sports and reviewing the formula’s winning picks!  Good luck, everyone!!

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NFL Week 14 Recap

Another week is in the books.  This week didn’t have many upsets but there were some surprising outcomes.  This includes two of the most highly anticipated matchups ending up overtime.

The Baltimore Ravens traveled to one of the toughest venues to play at in the NFL, Arrowhead Stadium, home of the Kansas City Chiefs.  They also showed up with rookie Lamar Jackson starting at quarterback for a second straight week.  Surprisingly enough, the Ravens have perfofmed admirably without Joe Flacco as Jackson has been a quality fill-in.  Additionally, the Chiefs have learned how to play without their troubled running back Kareem Hunt but have impressed by having Spencer Ware fill that role.  In a back and forth thriller, the Chiefs were able to steal a win in overtime.

The Philadelphia Eagles also went to overtime at their divisional rivals home in Dallas.  The Cowboys and Eagles played a very slow 6-9 game until the 4th quarter when the teams combined for 37 points.  These two teams are headed in different directions as it appears the Dallas Amari Cooper trade may have been the top move of the season across the league.

The Elldee Sports Best Bets went 2-2 for a flat 50% win rate.  That is the best week here over the past 4 weeks but it appears that things are moving back in the right direction.  The Houston Texans’ 9-game win streak was snapped causing one of the losses but the Seattle Seahawks win over the Vikings kept things even as they continue to win at home.  We are one week closer to the playoffs and the season is only getting more exciting.  Until next week, good luck.

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NFL Week 14 Prediction

The horses are rounding the final turn and heading down the home stretch.  Each team is jockeying for position, whether it’s homefield advantage or simply inclusion in the 12-team playoff field.  Here are four games that you can put in the bank as sure-fire winners.

Indianapolis @ Houston (-4.5)

New Orleans (-8) @ Tampa Bay

Cincinatti @ LA Chargers (-14)

Minnesota @ Seattle (-3)

Houston is firing on all cylinders and get an Indianapolis team, at home, that couldn’t even muster a point vs the Jacksonville Jaguars last week.  Did the Jags expose this Colts offense?  I don’t think that is necessarily the case but Houston and Deshaun Watson will roll in H-Town!

New Orleans is in unfamiliar territory this week.  They are following a loss for only the second time this season after falling to the Cowboys last week.  The last Saints loss was to these very same Tampa Bay Buccaneers but their fortunes have gone in different directions since their last meeting.  In fact, after New Orleans dropped their Week 1 matchup to the Bucs, they reeled off 10 straight.  They may not repeat that streak but expect the Saints to cruise to victory.

Not only are the Cincinatti Bengals forced to travel across country to play on the West Coast but they are tasked with playing the LA Chargers, one of the NFL’s hottest teams.  Compound that with the fact that the Bengals are injured beyond recognition and you have a recipe for disaster.  Count on the Chargers to win this one easily and cover.

Minnesota lost last week’s matchup in Foxboro against the New England Patriots by two touchdowns.  The NFL was so kind that they followed up the Viking’s East Coast trip with a trip to the West coast this week as they visit the Seattle Seahawks.  The 12th man will be there supporting their hometown ‘Hawks and that always makes the Seahawks formidable in Seattle.  The Vikings are a solid team but will be exhausted and outmatched in a low scoring game.

Write them down, visit the site, make a record somehow because these four matchup outcomes might as well be set in stone.  Count on four wins this week, I know I will.  Good luck!

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