NFL Week 4 Recap

Kansas City and Los Angeles Rams!  Those are the final two undefeated teams.  The ’72 Dolphins are already getting the champagne ready here after Week 4.  There was good and bad this week but nothing as bad as last week’s Minnesota performance. The LA Rams have continued their sweltering run by scoring 38 ponts againstContinue reading “NFL Week 4 Recap”

Miami @ New England

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!!  THE MIAMI Dolphins (3-0) travel North to Foxboro to tangle with the New England Patriots (1-2) and Tom Brady.  The Patriots come in as 7-point favorites in it’s first AFC North game in a division they have owned for the better part of the century.  NE has finished firstContinue reading “Miami @ New England”

Change in Stats, Change in Scores

I have finally started using this year’s stats in both formats, NCAAF and NFL.  I am aware that there are quite a few games that are predicted to be shutouts and no, I do not think they will all be shutouts!  As I have said previously, this is the test run and I may needContinue reading “Change in Stats, Change in Scores”

NFL Week 3 Recap

Week 3 brought excitement usually reserved for playoff prep.  Like usual, there was good, bad, and ugly.  The season is young and teams are still creating an identity so they can trudge forward to the Superbowl. Contenders or Pretenders?  Cleveland finally broke through with their first win in almost 2 years over the NY Jets.Continue reading “NFL Week 3 Recap”

NY Jets @ Cleveland Browns

Wow, just wow!  I never imagined I would actually be interested in a game between the New York Jets and the Cleveland Browns.  At least not unless the Jets had Tim Tebow at QB and the Browns had Lebron at TE! The NYJ (1-1) come into the Thursday night NFL game following a loss toContinue reading “NY Jets @ Cleveland Browns”

NFL Week 2 Recap

Here we are again.  Week 2 is complete after an exciting Monday Night Football match.  Who is up, who is down, and what in the world are the Buccaneers going to do with their quarterback situation? My oh my do the Kansas City Chiefs look impressive offensively.  I understand that they haven’t exactly played theContinue reading “NFL Week 2 Recap”

Atlanta @ Philadelphia

Cue the fireworks!  The NFL is here!  We have anxiously waited 7 months for this and the time is now.  Atlanta travels to play Philadelphia in the City of Brotherly Love! While the average fan has patiently waited for the season to begin, Atlanta Falcon fans have been foaming at the mouth ever since theContinue reading “Atlanta @ Philadelphia”

Predictions & Debate

I have spent the last few months of my life working on a mathematical formula to try and predict the final scores of NFL and NCAA Football games.  Each week I am going to post my predictions under the respective menu tabs.  What I would like each of you to do is look at theContinue reading “Predictions & Debate”