NCAAF Week 2 Predictions

Another Saturday and another full day of College Football. The lineup this week is not quite as appetizing as last week but that is to be expected as so many of the top teams opened the season against other powerhouses. Don’t fret though because there are plenty of entertaining matchups to keep you busy asContinue reading “NCAAF Week 2 Predictions”

NFL/NCAAF Early Week Predictions (Thu/Fri)

The NFL season begins tonight and is followed up by a intriguing game in the college world tomorrow. The Dallas Cowboys head to Florida to face the defending Super Bowl Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFL opener. In college, the Kansas Jayhawks travel to face the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers. The Dallas Cowboys are commonlyContinue reading “NFL/NCAAF Early Week Predictions (Thu/Fri)”

NCAAF Week 1 Predictions

We have finally made it! The first full day of College Football has finally arrived. As always, the wait has felt like an eternity but also like the National Championship was just yesterday. Even though there has only been a few matchups prior to the Saturday Gameday, we have already seen our first major upsetContinue reading “NCAAF Week 1 Predictions”

NCAAF Week 1 Thursday/Friday Predictions

Yeah, yeah, I know! Major College Football started LAST Saturday but with only one matchup between FBS teams, I will venture to say that THIS weekend is the real start to the season. There is a full line-up of games this weekend and by weekend, I mean Thursday through Sunday. Don’t worry, the Thursday andContinue reading “NCAAF Week 1 Thursday/Friday Predictions”

NCAAF Week 0 Predictions

NCAA Football kicks off another year with a small slate of games in the week before college football is fully underway. There are four games but only one matchup between two power five teams. Do not let that fool you, though, as the other three look to have plenty of intrigue. VS. The headliner thisContinue reading “NCAAF Week 0 Predictions”

NCAAF Power 5 Predictions

Elldee Sports is predicting all five of the power conferences to have an undefeated member. The sad part is that the playoffs only have room for four. This will be another case of a deserving team not making the playoffs due to preseason poll positioning. The same teams continue to dominate the power conferences andContinue reading “NCAAF Power 5 Predictions”

NFL Week 1 Predictions

Week one of the NFL will be quickly upon us. That includes some intriguing matchups such as the Dallas Cowboys at Tampa Bay Buccaneers. America’s Team vs. the Defending Super Bowl Champions. Also, Green Bay at New Orleans. The matchup of a team replacing a future Hall of Fame Quarterback against a team with aContinue reading “NFL Week 1 Predictions”

2021 NFC South Prediction

This division will be the strongest in the entire NFL this year. The NFC South is home to the defending Super Bowl Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers but also has two other playoff contenders. The Elldee Sports Formula is calling for another strong year for the Buccaneers as they will finish 16-1. There only loss comesContinue reading “2021 NFC South Prediction”

2021 AFC North Prediction

The AFC North has been a huge let down the past few seasons. They have had stellar teams that have had massive expectations and great regular seasons. Each time, the top dog in the AFC North has failed to follow through. In fact it has been 9 years since this division last represented the AFCContinue reading “2021 AFC North Prediction”