NCAAF Week 13 Prediction

Rivalry week is here and with it comes a few great options for the Elldee Sports Best Bets.  Is your team one of the squads with a great chance to dominate?  Lets jump into our four guaranteed winners.

Michigan (-4) @ Ohio State

Minnesota @ Wisconsin (-10)

Notre Dame (-10.5) @ USC

Oklahoma State (-5) @ TCU

Michigan is rolling, led by their stellar defense.  Shea Patterson leads a serviceable offense to complement the monster defense.  Ohio State has the talent and the coaching but something doesn’t seem right in Columbus.  All of the talent in the world cannot win a championship if the chemistry is missing.

Minnesota is a tough, hard nosed team…at home.  On the road they are softer than charmin.  Wisconsin comes in as a major disappointment this year, having lost three games already.  All three losses have come on the road against top-tier Big 10 teams.  This one is in the confines of Camp Randall Stadium, take the home team in a blowout.

Notre Dame brings their undefeated record into Los Angeles for a big time rivalry game.  USC is scrapping for bowl eligibility.  The way that Notre Dame is rolling with their all-around quality should have no issues owning USC in the Coliseum, sending the Trojans into the offseason without a bowl.

Oklahoma State has really come alive.  The Cowboys had so much promise headed into the season but lost some luster somewhere in the middle of the season after a few losses.  They seem to have found their mojo while TCU has continued to fall off all season.  Oklahoma State should be able to cover the 5-pt spread.

There are your winners for this week.  With a 75% winning rate in the Best Bets, you can expect these four games to increase that percentage.  Enjoy the games and your Holiday, good luck.

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NCAAF Week 12 Predictions

Back at it for another swing!  The Elldee Sports Best Bets are undefeated for college picks over the last 2 weeks.  Let’s keep this money train rolling!  We have five games this week.

Utah (-7) @ Colorado

Missouri (-6) @ Tennessee

West Virginia (-4.5) @ Oklahoma State

Boston College (-1.5) @ Florida State

Arizona @ Washington State (-9.5)

Utah has been playing lights out for most of the season and look to continue the trend.  They had a slight hiccup in Tempe but corrected the ship last week.  Colorado, on the other hand, started off on fire and have stumbled.  Their all-star WR Shenault got injured earlier this season and even after coming back, the Buffaloes just haven’t been the same.

Missouri will be a dangerous team as long as Drew Lock is slinging the ball around.  The Tigers are tough and if you aren’t prepared they will shock you, just ask Florida!  Tennessee hss definitely made strides this season and are on the turnaround but the odds makers are giving them a little too much credit for a win over a floundering Kentucky team.  Kentucky was exposed and now teams know how to stop them.  While it was a win over a ranked team, the Vols shouldn’t be overstating what it meant for this season.

West Virginia heads to Stillwater to continue their quest to make the playoffs.  Will Grier and David Sills are really clicking and the loss a few weeks back enabled them to focus on football again, not being undefeated.  Oklahoma State has little to play for outside of ruining other people’s year.  They may give their all in an attempt to make a bowl game but after last week’s emotional loss, they will be out of gas by half and the Mountaineers will run away with it.

How is it possible that a 6-3 BC team that held Clemson to 27 points last week be only a point and a half favorite over a 3-6 FSU team in the middle of its worst season in 35 years?  Your guess is as good as mine.  Take BC for the easy win.

Arizona has started to look better the past few weeks but Washington State is kicking butt and having fun.  The Cougars have something special going on in Pullman so don’t expect the Wildcats to come into the state of washington and beat the fighting mustaches!

Count ’em, that’s five wins for this week in college football.  Take it to the bank as Elldee Sports is looking to rock a 3rd straight week of college picks without losing!  Good luck, guys!

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NFL Week 11 Predictions

Here we are once again as Week 11 is about to get started.  The Elldee Sports Team is cranking up the formula machine early this week and getting the Elldee Sports Best Bets out there for two reasons.  Number one is the fact that after our first losing week of Best Bets, I simply can’t wait to get that taste out of my mouth!  Secondly, I like the Thursday night game a lot.

Green Bay @ Seattle (-2.5)

Carolina (-4) @ Detroit

Pittsburgh (-6) @ Jacksonville

Philadelphia @ New Orleans (-8)

Green Bay is traveling across the country to match up with the Seattle Seahawks on a short week while Seattle gets to wait at home.  If that isn’t enough, the Seahawks boast one of the toughest stadiums to play at.  If that still isn’t enough, the formula calls for a win anyways!

The Carolina Panthers head out for another road game after being dismantled in Pittsburgh last week.  One difference, this Detroit team isn’t Pittsburgh.  Look for the Panther defense to stiffen up against the Lions and their passing attack while the offense pounds the ball on the ground and makes use of timely deep passes.

Pittsburgh has caught fire the last few weeks and the Jaguars have wilted under the pressure.  I wouldn’t say Jacksonville has necessarily wilted but they arent the same team without a power rushing attack.  Fournette is supposed to be back this week but even with him, the Steelers have been playing so well, I don’t think the Jags can hang.

Philadelphia appears to have a Superbowl hangover.  Compound that with the fact that the Eagles have been bitten by the injury bug and the outcome is a 4-5 record through the first half of the season.  New Orleans has been toying with teams and the Philly secondary should pose no threat as the Saints roll.

There you have it, the top picks for the week.  I fully expect a complete turnaround from last week’s poor showing.  Follow along and be amazed!

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NFL Week 10 Predictions

Since starting the “Best Bet” predictions 4 weeks ago, Elldee Sports has been on fire!  We are back again for week 10 of the NFL and plan on continuing the momentum.  There are another four games this week that are sure fire wins.

New England (-7) @ Tennessee

LA Chargers (-10) @ Oakland

Seattle @ LA Rams (-10)

NY Giants @ San Francisco (-3)

New England is as hot as any team in the league right now.  Offensively they are reminding people of the past and putting up big numbers.  Tennessee is playing well, particularly on defense, but they don’t have the offensive talent to maintain pace with the Patriots.  Regardless of how well the Titan defense plays, the Pats will put up enough points to win and cover.

This game is a matchup of one of my favorite teams to take vs my favorite punching bag.  As I say every week, the Chargers don’t get enough respect and this week is no different.  At the same time, Oakland has been a definite project for Gruden and they are clearly not what he envisioned when taking over.  This should be an easy cover by LA.

I feel like the spread between Seattle and the Rams would be a good number if they were playing in Seattle but without the 12th man, the Seahawks wont keep this close.  Look for LA to bounce back in a big way.  Seattle just happens to be the unlucky team to get them after their first loss.

What can I say about the NY Giants?  They are struggling pretty bad.  Add their current woes with a trip across the country to play a respectable 49er team and I don’t see this staying within 3.  Take San Francisco all day long.

There you have it, the four best bets of the week.  Count on those to win and spend your weekend smiling.  Keep reading and keep watching the win percentages soar.  Good luck!

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NCAAF Week 11 Predictions

What does this week of College Football have in store for us?  I promise there will be an upset or two to have you cheering for the underdogs but here are four games that you can count on to go as planned.

TCU @ West Virginia (-11.5)

Illinois @ Nebraska (over 67.5)

FSU @ Notre Dame (-17)

Clemson (-20) @ Boston College

The Texas Christian Horned Frogs had us all fooled.  They started the year off hot and competed with Ohio State to impress the country.  Turns out Ohio State wasnt as good as we thought and TCU was even worse than we could have imagined.  West Virginia was in uncharted territory, being discussed as potential playoff contenders and the pressure got to them, getting exposed at Iowa State.  Once the pressure was relieved, they were able to get back to business and went to Austin and shocked the Longhorns.  West Virginia is trending up and TCU is not.  Take the Mountaineers!

Illinois is a pile of hot garbage and has struggled defensively to slow anyone down.  Luckily, their offense has been able to score and keep them from being totally embarassed.  Scott Frost hasn’t gotten off to the best start in Lincoln, either, as it took the Nebraska Cornhuskers most of the season to get a win.  Nebraska has gotten better each week and it’s only a matter of time before they will be competitive again.   Both teams can score and both teams struggle to play defense…take the over.

There’s not much to say for Florida State other than Willie Taggert does not appear to be the answer.  They have struggled mightily all season and the cure for that is not a road trip to the undefeated #3 team.  Notre Dame is sitting quarterback Ian Book this week as a precaution and Brandon Wimbush will start.  This has played into a smart bettor’s hand as FSU is horrible at stopping the run while Wimbush is a better runner than Book.  Due to the fact that Wimbush is not the normal starter, most places have dropped this line below 17.  This is an easy pick.

Clemson is on fire.  They are absolutely destroying people and BC will be no different.  Boston College has looked formidable against the rest of the ACC but that just explains who BC is… the best team in the rest of the ACC.  Clemson is on another level and playing like it.

You can watch the games if you want, and I know you will, but these games are happening like they’ve been called.  So, if you don’t want to waste your time you can just trust and believe.  Good luck!

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NFL Week 9 Predictions

Same as my NCAAF predictions, I am tweaking the formula so I have not put the full list of games this week.  On a bright note, though, I will be putting up the Elldee Sports Best Bets to keep my followers happy.  There are four matchups that will land you on the winning side of Vegas.

Tampa Bay @ Carolina (-6.5)

Atlanta @ Washington (-1.5)

Houston @ Denver (-1)

LA Chargers (+2) @ Seattle

The Buccaneers are rolling Fitzpatrick back out.  Carolina’s defense is not the team you want to play when there is a quarterback contraversy.  Panthers take this one at home.

Atlanta is a team that is hard to figure out.  They have the talent and you should never sleep on them but they can’t seem to put it all together.  Washington is led by a couple of saavy veterans and should squeak one out at home.

Houston is humming and playing impressively.  Denver is up and down.  There is just something magical about that cold mountain air, particularly if you aren’t used to playing there.

LA Chargers have been a quietly powerful team.  Seattle is tough and the 12th man makes it near impossible to hear there.  Phillip Rivers is too experienced and talented to get rattled, though.  Chalk up another win for the Chargers.

There you have it.  The top picks for the week.  Have faith and you will be rewarded.  Until next week, good luck.

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NCAAF Week 10 Predictions

I know I am refraining from posting full predictions this week but I have decided to still post the Elldee Sports Best Bets to quench your thirst.  There are four games this week that you can count on to cover.  Prepare for a heavy dose of the SEC.

Texas A&M (+4) @ Auburn

Georgia (-9) @ Kentucky

West Virginia (+2) @ Texas

Alabama (-14.5) @ LSU

Texas A&M travels to the plains and bring a winning record with them.  Auburn has been very up and down, up vs junk teams and down vs any talent.  Last week’s loss for Texas A&M has driven this line down too far.  The Aggies and their $75 Million Man Jimbo Fisher will hold on for a cover and possibly an outright win.

Georgia has been here before and has an offense that can both run and pass.  The Kentucky atmosphere will be electric and the Wildcats full of emotion.  That emotion will carry them until the 2nd half, where the Bulldogs will assert their will and pull away late.

West Virginia’s Will Grier knows this is his final shot in college for a Conference championship and possible spot in the playoffs.  Texas is playing better but is not back yet.  Following a disappointing loss last week, the Longhorns will flounder early and struggle to catch up.  Take the WVU Mountaineers!

Alabama is simply a machine.  LSU feels like Rocky Balboa trying to take down Ivan Drago.  They hope to hear those famous words, “He’s not a machine, he’s a man!”.  I don’t see it happening this time.  Alabama all day long.

Good luck this week and I’ll be back next week with the full slate like usual.

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